Friday, September 13, 2013


Moving across the country for anyone can  be daunting. I remember as a child moving from New Jersey to New Mexico and thinking my parents had gone crazy! I also remember wanting to "go home" so badly and being upset with them for not asking us if we wanted to move. Things were different then. My parents were doing a wonderful thing for us, even if we didn't understand at the time. There were a few things I would have wished they had done differently to help us with the move. In the end I know we, my sisters and brothers and I, were glad they did. With this in mind, when we move we have our children be a big part in the decision making, regardless of their age.  We try not only to take their feelings into consideration, but do all we can to make the transition smoother. Being part of a church makes that easier. We have an instant family to welcome us.

Also helping to make a better transition, I encourage the kids to get involved in new things. Anah has a role in the School play. I will post pictures about it later.

Faith is learning to ice-skate. Here are some pictures of her first time on the ice.
 One, two, three,... glide

One two three.. fall...

 It's easier with new friends!

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